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Michael Wright has enjoyed the good fortune of serving a multitude of clients over the years, spread across many sectors and industries of both the public and private sectors. These include established and start-up private companies; non-governmental organizations, as well as international, national, provincial and local government departments, and state owned enterprises.

We would love to add your entity to our client list, and to develop a long-term relationship with you.

“I have known Michael Wright for over 5 years. I know him to be a particularly hard-working, diligent, focused and capable person with considerable experience in many areas. I can vouch for Michael as being an ethical, knowledgeable and professional person and would recommend him as being part of any team I work in and every project I am involved in.” 

Julian Bartlett, Principal at Bartletts Incorporated Attorneys

“I was very satisfied with the work conducted by Michael Wright for the Royal Thokazi Lodge project. His environmental and tourism expertise and passionate conduct was much appreciated.” 

Abie Wentzel, Project Manager at Tourism KwaZulu-Natal

“Michael Wright is highly professional and very pleasant to work together with.” 

Manou Bleumink, Director at AfriCamps

“I would highly recommend Sustain Ecotourism and Environmental as a service provider."

Heloise de Villiers, Programmes Administrator at Peace Parks Foundation

“Thank you for the really good tourism plans, and for your professionalism and hard work throughout."

Nita Verhoef, Planner at Peace Parks Foundation

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