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Some people dream of success. We make it happen...for people, for companies, for communities, for nature.
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Our consulting services focus on our clients' most significant issues and opportunities.


We love what we do and we love offering our passion and experience to our clients.





Sustain works in association with some of the best industry experts and offers unique access to specialist expertise and analytical tools.

Our advice is honest, thorough, creative and good science, while at the same time focussing on the most economic, effective and efficient solutions for our clients.





We are experienced scientists who are dedicated to our fields of expertise. We serve our clients through their most complex strategic challenges and develop tailored solutions to help them achieve their desired and sustainable outcomes.


Planning, Assessments and Solutions

  • Tourism plans for protected areas and leisure properties;

  • Business plans and feasibility studies for new or existing ecotourism businesses;

  • Strategy and concept development for protected areas and eco-estates;

  • Ecotourism and leisure property development planning and project co-ordination;

  • Tourism impact assessments;

  • Market analysis;

  • Marketing strategies and planning;

  • Funding solutions for tourism ventures;

  • Tourism Public Private Partnerships and Concession Agreements;

  • Community-based tourism enterprises;

  • Mentorship and assistance to stakeholders;

  • Tender document coordination and preparation for concessions in public parks and reserves;

  • Optimizing ecotourism guest experiences, activities and guiding;

  • Hospitality operator selection, contracts and negotiation;

  • Environmental Monitoring for lodge and resort developments;

  • Vacation ownership models, advice and implementation.


Planning, Assessments and Solutions

Sustain possesses extensive experience in environmental management, from critical national infrastructure projects to smaller privately funded developments. Our environmental professionals have formed strong associations with environmental specialists in every field, ensuring we deliver comprehensive, practical and high-quality service to our clients.


We offer:


  • Strategic Environmental Management (SEAs, EMFs);

  • Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessments (S&EIAs, BAs);

  • Environmental Management Programmes (EMPs);

  • Environmental Screening;

  • Protected Area Management Plans (PAMPs);

  • Maintenance Management Plans (MMPs);

  • Environmental Auditing and Monitoring;

  • Avifaunal impact assessments;
  • Agricultural assessments and soil surveys;

  • Water Use Licence Applications (WULAs);

  • Natural Resource Management (NRM) programmes;

  • Alien invasive identification and control measures;

  • Waste Management Plans (WMPs);

  • Mammal (including Bird), Tree, Frog, Butterfly, Grass Identification.

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” — Aldo Leopold

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