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A new dawn in consulting services...

Ensuring biodiversity conservation through sustainable development and responsible enterprise.

At Sustain we believe and understand that achieving biodiversity preservation and expansion in a global environment that is increasingly under developmental and utilization pressures, requires sustainable and responsible developments and operations that provide socio-economic benefits and environmental education.

In essence, we care about creating a biodiversity economy that provides real returns in the following four areas: the Return of Virtue and Inspiration, the Return of Natural Capital, the Return of Social Capital, and the Return of Financial Capital. These returns need to be realized in the following two zones: the Natural Zone and the Socio-economic Zone. Without such interventions, the alternative is unsustainable development and utilization, which leads to loss of biodiversity and life.

Sustain seeks to offer passion, expertise, excellence and honesty to every project. We love to provide solutions to projects that enhance ecotourism potential and/or offer optimal environmental and agricultural outcomes, and believe in pursuing sustainable and responsible development and operations. We are also able to work in remote locations in sub-Saharan Africa and overcome most logistical challenges.

Sustain is a consulting services company based in Durban, South Africa, with expertise and extensive experience in the ecotourism, environmental management and agricultural consulting sectors. The company was founded in 2010, and is owned and managed by Michael Wright. Michael possesses over 16 years of valuable consulting experience from providing ecotourism, environmental management and agricultural services to a multitude of greenfields and brownfields projects throughout the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Surveying progress on the Shepherd's Tree Game Lodge development
Vision becomes reality

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