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Searching for AfriCamps Partners

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Sustain is very pleased to announce that for the month of February we will be representing AfriCamps in searching for and identifying properties throughout KwaZulu-Natal that are suitable for their great 'glamping' (glamorous camping) product.

AfriCamps already offers a wonderful glamping experience in 8 unique destinations in South Africa, and is currently expanding into both KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga.

They offer a global partnership model on the levels of: investment, revenue split and operations.

If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in developing an AfriCamps and operating a boutique camping experience on your game reserve or agricultural farm, please let me know.

Primary areas of interest:

  • St. Lucia;

  • Drakensberg;

  • Kosi Bay;

  • Pongola Nature Reserve / Lake Jozini;

  • Port Edward.

The focus criteria for site selection will include:

  • Areas that are commercially attractive from a tourism perspective and can generate a healthy occupancy rate;

  • Owners who can partly finance their own project (plus minus R800,000.00);

  • Owners who can manage and operate a hospitality business and accommodate AfriCamps on their property;

  • Interesting flora and fauna;

  • Interesting on-site and off-site activities at and around the destination;

  • Areas that are accessible for self-drive tourists.

AfriCamps at Mackers in Hazyview, Mpumalanga.
Glamping at its very best

AfriCamps Partnership Agreement - 2 scenarios:

Investment Scenario:

  • AfriCamps are looking for properties that can accommodate a minimum of 10 tents (5 beds per tent = 50 guests);

  • AfrCamps will invest R500,000/tent and R40,000/hot tub;

  • AfriCamps will refurbish all the tents every 5 years;

  • Partner to provide R70,000/tent participation fee;

  • Partner to provide bulk services to the site (cost varies per project);

  • Partner to provide landscaping.

Revenue Scenario:

  • Owner is paid a fixed fee/night booked = R530/night/tent;

  • All revenue from activities, food and beverage and other extras is 100% for the owners;

  • Owner can book own clients = R530/night/tent plus 15% commission on the value of the booking;

  • Earn a referral fee by referral guests to other AfriCamps.

Annual average turnover per camp to date is R1,2m/annum.

Average rate per booking is approximately R1,500/tent/night (Ranges from R900 in very low season to R2,200 in very peak season).

If this interests you, then please contact Michael Wright on:

Kitchen, dining room and lounge area
AfriCamps tent interior

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